Online Store - WordPress eCommerce

Break free from the limitations and cost of a physical store, an eCommerce website gives you the freedom you need for today’s market.

As our lives become busier, more and more shoppers are choosing online shopping over the traditional store experience. With an online eCommerce store, you are no longer limited to having a physical store front or to only make sales during your opening hours. Your customers can buy your products whenever they want and wherever in the world they are giving you the best selling tool possible.

Utilizing the right eCommerce WordPress solutions for your needs, we build you a stunning online store that is not only easy for your customers to use and buy your products but also very easy for you to manage products, inventory, payments, shipping and much more.


Utilizing the best in WordPress eCommerce

When developing your online store, we use only the best eCommerce plugins to give you the best results and the easiest site to maintain. While there are a number of eCommerce plugins out there, two of the best are WooCommerce & Jioshop.

WooCommerce – the old dog: WooCommerce has been around for a long time and has an amazing resource of extensions and support to arm your online store with the artillery to complete almost any task.

Jigoshop – the young pup: Jigoshop has not been around as long as WooCommerce, but the main thing we love about it is how easy it is to use for both yourselves and us. With a growing collection of extensions to enhance the power of your online store, Jigoshop is quickly becoming a great alternative to WooCommerce.

K.I.S.S: Keeping it Simple & Sexy: When it comes to shopping online, a frustrating user experience is a major deal-breaker resulting in customer after customer being driven away. When putting together your store, we keep simplicity in the forefront to ensure that your store is as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

Building Trust: We have all been there, you go to a website, and it just screams amateur, unprofessional or even dodgy. Using practical design solutions coupled with the highest industry standards, our eCommerce sites show your business in the perfect light to build trust and a comfortable environment for your visitors resulting in greater visitor interaction and sales.

Studio313 was able to design us a website that is easy to use, trim and svelte: no clutter, no superfluous buttons, just well-developed ideas

B.J. Wall
Cork & Chroma, General Manager