Responsive Web Design - Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile is today’s first screen… design responsively, focusing on content and structure first. Jeffery Zeldman

Responsive web design (i.e., when your is website mobile friendly) is quickly becoming a must-have feature rather than a ‘that would be nice… someday’ kind of feature.

We can guarantee that you have gone to a website on your phone, and it’s tiny, and you have to do the expand trick just to be able to read the content and then move the page around just to read each section… so painful.

With the sales of mobiles and tablets starting to outsell PC’s (laptops and desktops), having your website mobile friendly and looking awesome on any device has pretty much a requirement nowadays.

The way it works is you have one website to manage and look after, but the cool part is when developed to be responsive, your website renders slightly differently for the device (desktop, tablet, or mobile) it is being viewed on and shows your website perfecty for that device. All this happens through your sites style sheet(s), so there is nothing for you to do differently, it all happens for you… nice!.

Why should I go Mobile friendly… Is the hype real?: (source)

  • Mobile is taking over: 79% of online adult Australians accessed the internet on a mobile phone in May 2015 whereas only 61% used a desktop computer
  • 89% of Australians own a smartphone, of this, 70% use their smartphone to surf the net
  • 60% of Australians have access to a tablet, of this, 50% use it to surf the net
  • 73% of Australians have made a purchase on a tablet and 58% on a smartphone.

A Google Must have: Having a responsive website is by far the to go. Google loves it and so will your visitors. In April 2015, Google announced that they had changed their search algorithm to give a ranking boost to mobile friendly pages. They even went as far as letting everyone know that if your website does not take into account mobile viewers, it will be penalized.