Website Redesign - Website Makeovers

What works is good, integrated design that fills a need—carefully thought out, well executed, and tested. Steve Krug

Whether or not you need a website redesign and/or development can be figured out by answering 2 questions;

  1. Is your website doing it’s job? If your website is not working for you better than any employee you have every had, then it is not doing its job. Your website is in most cases the first point of contact your future customers have with your business. Make sure it gives them everything they need to be sure you are the right solution to their problem.
  2. Are you embarrassed or apologising for your current website? If your site is not up to date, not working properly or just looks appalling, then it is time to get a redesign & development. You need to be so proud of your website and confident that it is selling your business the right way that you want to send everyone to it, without hesitation or apologies for its performance.

We can put together a redesign solution for your website that takes into account the needs and goals you have for your business and couple it with the latest development solutions to ensure your underperforming site now serves you and your visitors just the way you desire.

Improve How Visitors View You: When someone visits your website, you have a couple of seconds at the most to impress them and let them know how you can help them. In those few seconds, they will come to a large number of conclusions, everything from how professional your business is, can you solve their problem or need, and most importantly, do I trust this company? Some of these conclusions will be correct, some will be wrong, but they’re made nonetheless. If your current website does not sell you the right way in those few seconds, you are losing customers that may never come back.

Every website has a purpose or goal, whether it be to sell a product, service or just show the world your passion. Having a more purpose driven website design can go a massive way to help get your website working the way it should and show the world just how great your service or product is.

Mobile Friendly Redevelopment: Google places a lot of importance on your website being mobile friendly. It can large impact on how your site is ranked. We can take your current design and redevelop the coding, making it more user-friendly no matter what device it is being viewed on and bring it up to the latest & highest industry standards.