WordPress Event Management

A Paint & Sip Studio: The more fun you’re having, the more creative you’ll allow yourself to be.

  • Custom Website Design
  • Responsive Website Development
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Online Store Functionality (WooCommerce)
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Store Voucher System
  • Custom Backend Order Reports
  • Social Media Feeds & Interaction

Cork & Chroma is about having fun and being creative. They believe in an environment where your creativity is free to make itself at home, and everyone is included. A place where you can relax with friends, celebrate, or linger on a date – a place where you can savour a wine and play with paint. We know that creativity and fun go hand in hand.

B.J. got in touch with us looking to move away from the limitations of Adobe’s Business Catalyst and gain increased control over the products they sell. The biggest challenge was that they were not selling the standard consumer goods products you see in online stores but instead, art sessions. Our initial plan of attack was to set the site up as an event management site, however, a number of additional custom features they required meant we needed to create and eCommerce Store without the usual online store look.

WordPress eCommerce Website

” When I contacted Studio 313, I was looking for a website that was fun, purposeful and easy to use… I contacted Chris, had an extremely productive initial conversation, threw ideas in the air; and got collaborating almost immediately.

The entire experience was wonderful, exactly how you would want it to be. “

B.J. Wall
Cork & Chroma, General Manager

WordPress Online Store Development

It was very evident from the onset that this site needed to look at the concept of an online store differently and make sure that the essence of the over product and company came through in a way that users could relate and connect to. A free and artistic design which not only worked with Cork & Chroma current branding but enhanced it.

Coupling this, we introduced a system which allowed for booked out sessions to be inaccessible to prevent confusion and/or over booking through clear call to actions and alternate states.

WordPress Online Store
WordPress Event Management

Custom Online Store Design

To continue on with the non-store looking online store requirement, we put together a custom design & layout for each of the art session pages (what would normally be a standard product page) to provide the user with all the information they require at a quick glance. Through the use of Advance Custom Fields, we were able to put together an extremely user-friendly interface and booking process.

User Friendly Site Maintenance

What use is a great looking website if it is not intuitive to use and maintain?

While making the website very user-friendly for their visitors to use, we also needed to make sure it was as user-friendly as possible for the guys at Cork and Chroma to maintain. Through highly customised backend order and product pages, we were able to make the process of updating the site, adding art sessions and accepting payment as easy as possible.