Website Design

What happens when you run out of paper to draw on

web design

The online world can be a very superficial world where no matter how amazing your content is, how brilliant your service or product is, bad design will push your users towards the next website in their Google search results.

We live by the philosophy websites perform their best when they are user-centred with a clear focus on supporting your goals and driving users to action.

It has always been human nature to try to keep up with the jones’, not at 313, we move away from this thought process and put together a website design which is perfect for you and directed towards your goals, not one that is just copied from your competitors websites or the latest trends.

website elements design

While the overall design of your website captures your user, it is the little elements we put into it that get them to pick up the phone or add to cart.

Via our research and planning conducted earlier in the process, we know how to make your design speak to the right people in the right way, making it a positive and user-friendly experience for your users.

brand integration

Your website is a tool, nothing more, nothing less – whether it be a branding tool or one to sell your amazing products on.

A very important tool in today’s world as we move and more towards carrying out more tasks online. In years gone by, a salesperson would knock on your door, sell your brand, services, products, this is fast becoming the job of your website.

We integrate your website seamlessly into your existing branding and marketing goals to add a very powerful and flexible tool to your toolkit.

user experience focused design

The most important part of any website design is how it connects with your user.

One of the major areas we focus on with our design work is how the user interacts with your website in order to work with your marketing goals. Our website designs focus on important user experience factors such as usability, research and interactivity into the look and feel to create a great user experience for your visitors and have them coming back for more.