Website Strategy & Planning Specialists

The online equivalent of looking under the kilt to see if their wearing underwear

analytics and research

One of the most powerful tools when putting together a plan for your new website is knowledge.

Search Engine queries are predominantly centred around either looking for information or a solution to a problem. Knowing what drives your audience, who they are and what they need a hand with is critical in being able to connect with them effectively.

When putting together a plan of attack for your new website we first make sure we have a great understanding of your audience and what makes them tick.

planning & wireframes

In the same way that you wouldn’t start to build a house without a plan, the same should be said when putting together a website.

Our planning processing allows us to determine the goals for your website and pinpoint who your target audience is and how best to guide them towards completing your goals.

The creation of wireframes for your website allows us to put together a basic structure for your website, the location of key elements, and the flow of your website. It is amazing how much time (and in turn money) working out these key areas at this stage saves.

management system audits

There are an insane amount of content management systems (CMS’s), some good, some great and some absolutely shocking.

We specialise in the world most popular CMS, WordPress as we have found it to be the most flexible and user friendly. Despite all of its positives, it can be let down greatly by how your web developer uses it and how easy it is for you to update and maintain your website yourself.

We can go through how your WordPress website has been set up and provide solutions to any issues you are having when it comes to your websites performance, usability or security.

user experience strategy

You can have the best planned and most beautiful looking website in the work, but if it is a pain in the butt to use, or does not guide your users towards fulfilling your goals, then it is close to worthless. We put together a strategy to make using your website as easy and smooth as possible – for both yourselves and your visitors.

Raising common usage scenarios like ‘if they do this, then what?’, ‘if we set this up this way, how easy will it be to use?’, ‘what impact will it have if we implemented X’, so that your website is a dream to use.

In a nutshell, we put human interaction factors back into the planning & process of creating your website.

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